Welcome to Kurri Kurri And the surrounding towns of

Abermain, Heddon Greta, Neath, Pelaw Main, Stanford Merthyr and Weston (known as Towns With Heart).



and Gift Gallery at 199 Lang Street, Kurri Kurri for assistance with local information.

We hope you enjoy your stay and find time to visit some of our unique local attractions, including :

The largest display of outdoor murals in mainland Australia

The Big Kookaburra in Rotary Park, Kurri Kurri

The Pit Horse Statue and Mining Memorial

Richmond Vale Railway Museum and steam railway

Edgeworth David Memorial Museum

Kurri Kurri Nostalgia Festival - the last weekend in March

Field of Honour - ANZAC Day

Town of Murals Art Show in October


about kurri kurri

Welcome to Kurri Kurri and the Towns With Heart (TWH) area comprising of the seven towns of Abermain, Heddon Greta, Kurri Kurri, Neath, Pelaw Main, Stanford Merthyr and Weston, all of which owe their existence to the discovery and development of the valuable Greta Coal Seam.

The towns were originally established to house the coal miners working in the many collieries that were opened on the newly established South Maitland Coalfields, known today as simply the Coalfields.

The coal mining heritage is still evident in the architecture, design, civic buildings and cultural facilities throughout the Towns With Heart area. There are many examples of heritage hotels that provide a link to the coal mining past, reflecting a time when the coal mines or ‘Pits’ employed thousands of men and boys.

Towns With Heart is a community-based economic development organisation established in 2000 to develop and enhance local tourism assets and attractions.


A safe, healthy and thriving community, providing sustainable employment, quality of life and a great place to visit, stay and live.


TWH is a vibrant community group of volunteers, passionate about delivering quality events, projects and initiatives which enhance and benefit Abermain, Heddon Greta, Kurri Kurri, Neath, Pelaw Main, Stanford Merthyr and Weston. TWH has implemented and operates a number of unique initiatives which have lifted the town’s profile, embraced the community spirit, and attracted thousands of visitors to the region while enhancing and sustaining a strong sense of community.